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Valkyrie Bound

The Valkyries are gone, and Valhalla lies in ruin. Now, it's up to the Fae warriors left behind to save the daughters of the women who once ushered them across the Veil. As each comes into her power, her soul yearns for what it doesn't understand. As the bond between Valkyrie and the warrior meant to protect her above all others grows, she'll learn exactly who she is and what she's meant to do.

Valhalla is rising…but it looks a whole lot different this time around.

Valkyrie Heart

Valhalla is rising…and so are its enemies. Luckily, this Valkyrie is bound to an ancient warrior.

My entire life, I've been different. I've felt things I shouldn't. Heard things that weren't there. But those whispers never led me astray until my twenty-first birthday. The handsome stranger at the bar seemed innocent enough…until I woke up in his bed with no recollection of how I got there.
He says I'm not who I think I am, and that I'm in danger. The craziest part? The more time I spend with him, the more I want to believe it when he says he belongs to me. But my life isn't a fairytale, and places like Valhalla, mate bonds, and ancient Fae warriors don't exist…do they?

For millennia, I was oathbound to protect Valhalla, a warrior of Light sworn to defend her no matter the cost. Until the Forsaken destroyed every last Valkyrie within her borders.
My brothers and I have spent the last three hundred years in exile, trapped on earth and waiting for the five mortal women prophesized to restore honor to the Halls. But when Rissa calls my soul, everything changes.
My loyalty is no longer to Valhalla and the Fae but to the powerful woman caught in a prophecy she doesn't understand. I'll do whatever I have to do to keep her Light shining and protect our bond. Even if it means letting Valhalla fall forever.

Valkyrie Heart is the first book in the Valkyrie Bound series of interconnected romances. If you enjoy thrilling paranormal romance, fiercely protective Fae warriors, and strong, curvy heroines, you'll love the Valkyrie Bound series. Each book introduces a new couple and their bond. Each story ends in an HFN for the couple, but the overarching story continues through each book.


Valkyrie Fate

​A Valkyrie bound by Fate. A Fae warrior driven by love. When destiny demands a sacrifice, will these fated mates pay the ultimate price?

For millennia, I was one of the strongest Fae warriors in Valhalla, willing to die to defend her borders. That was before the Forsaken destroyed everything I knew.
I've spent the last three hundred years trapped on earth, aching for vengeance. I never thought it'd come in the form of a petite little human with sapphire blue eyes and steel in her soul. The moment Tori binds my soul to hers, my allegiance shifts. Destroying the Forsaken no longer matters to me. Protecting this beautiful little Valkyrie is all I care about.
I'll do whatever it takes to ensure she survives. Even if I have to destroy the nine realms myself. The only thing I won't do is let her go. She's mine. My Valkyrie. My soul. Mine.
I knew my ordinary, boring life was over when I was ripped from my bed by monsters. But I expected them to kill me, not thrust me into the middle of an ancient war.
I certainly didn't expect Reaper. From the moment the warrior rescues me, our bond eclipses everything. It doesn't matter that this world is new and terrifying. It doesn't even matter that they're asking me to do the impossible. All that matters is him.
Right up until I'm forced to make a choice that may destroy us both. How do I choose between the man I love and the fate of everything?

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