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Standalone Titles

A Touch of Summer

To keep his ray of sunshine in his life, he'll lay it all on the line.
Summer Daniels is everything I ever dreamed about finding and more.
She stole my heart the minute I set eyes on her, but I'm her boss.
Trying to keep things professional between us when I want to claim her as my own is hard.
I thought keeping her at a distance would keep me from losing her altogether.
Now I might lose her anyway.
Forget that.
I'm not giving up my sunshine.
Dominic Alessi is the best man I've ever met. He's also the best boss I've ever had.
I thought we were friends. I hoped we would become more.
And then he pulled away.
Working beside him every day when I dream about him every night is killing me.
I want love and a family, but he doesn't feel the same way about me.
At least I didn't think he did…until I accidentally told him how I really feel.
Oh my goodness. What did I just do?
When this older alpha male finds out his younger curvy girl is quitting, he'll stop at nothing to change her mind. If accidental confessions, office romances, and over-the-top men make your heart race, get ready to fall for Dominic and Summer in this sweet, steamy romance from Nichole Rose. As always, a sticky sweet and guaranteed HEA are coming your way.


Black Velvet

Every musician needs a muse...

Addison Kissinger blew my mind the first time I met her.
Those sweet little lips whispering my name made me crazy.
She hasn't spoken to me since.
That hasn't stopped me from watching her.
Or kept me from craving her.
Half the world is screaming my name.
I want her begging it.
She's soft. Sweet. Sexy. Mine.
She doesn't know it yet, but she's about to find out.

I've loved Clayton Devine since the first time I set eyes on him.
So has the rest of the world.
He's a massive country music superstar.
Those skilled hands and that little boy smirk drive women wild.
I promised my best friend I would speak to him.
My boss just sent me on the road with him.
He probably thinks I'm just another annoying little fangirl.
He doesn't know it yet, but he's about to find out different.
Because I plan to bring this superstar to his knees.

When this older musician and his dream girl are thrown together, sparks hotter than a five-alarm fire will fly. If you enjoy obsessed musicians, heartfelt heroines, and karaoke hookups, you'll love Clayton and Addison. This sweet, steamy romance from Nichole Rose comes complete with a sticky-sweet and guaranteed HEA.


Dirty Boy

Can this dirty boy convince his curvy girl that love is worth any risk?

Behind my back, people call me rude.
To my face, they call me a star.
I never cared what anyone had to say.
All that mattered to me was football and my family.
The minute I saw Ella Morgan, everything changed.
Now all I think about is that sweet smile.
She thinks we're just a summer fling. She's wrong.
There's nothing temporary about the way she makes me feel.
One way or another, this curvy little goddess will be mine.
Even if I have to play dirty to win her.

Last week, I destroyed my drug-dealing father's supply and skipped town.
All I want to do is lay low until school starts.
Except Dante Duncan refuses to leave me alone.
He's the biggest, bossiest college football star I've ever seen.
He says we're meant to be.
I'm starting to believe he might be right.
But I don't need the kind of attention he draws.
I promised myself I wouldn't fall for him.
Except I'm pretty sure it's already too late.
How am I supposed to say goodbye at the end of the summer?

If you enjoy steamy sweet romance, young love, and bossy men who know exactly what they want, you'll love Dante and Ella's dirty hot story! 

Dirty Boy is part of the Boys of Summer multi-author series.


His Secret Obsession

​Some secrets were meant to be shared…

Cyrus Jordan
For six years, I've watched Gwen London from afar.
Close enough to touch but forbidden from doing so.
She's my little sister's best friend and my obsession.
She doesn't have a clue that I'd kill to make her mine.
She thinks I hate her as much as she hates me.
I'm about to prove her wrong.
Because she's leaving soon…and I can't let her go.
It's time she finally learns just how deep my obsession runs.

Gwen London
I've been told no all my life.
But nothing makes me angrier than when Cyrus Jordan is the one who says it.
For six years, I've loved him in silence.
Desperate to touch him but forbidden from doing so.
He's the one thing I want more than anything.
And the one person I can't have.
Until one night changes everything.
And I forget what I'm running from.
Will the man who once crushed my dreams be the same one who delivers them into my hands?

When this active-duty Airman comes to claim his curvy aspiring musician, sparks will fly. Can he break through her walls and claim her heart, or will she set his world on fire and watch it burn? If you enjoy obsessed older men, fiery heroines, and sugary-sweet grand gestures, buckle up and get ready to fall for Cyrus and Gwen! As always, Nichole Rose books come with a sticky sweet and guaranteed HEA.


A Blushing Bride for Christmas

The second generation is all grown up…even if their parents don't agree.

Oliver Goodson
The day I met Lucy Davis, I knew she was mine.
I would have married her right then and there.
But my girl wanted to wait until we graduated.
We're out of school now, and this curvy little angel is mine.
So is the little life growing in her belly.
No one is going to stop me from claiming what belongs to me.
Not even her dad.

Lucy Davis
My whole life, I've watched my parents living a fairytale.
Now, it's my turn.
Come Christmas Day, I'll be Mrs. Oliver Goodson.
It's all I've dreamed about since the day I met him.
I just hope we can keep my dad from finding out our big secret until then.
Otherwise, this baby may be the only one Oliver is able to give me.
Because my dad is going to lose his mind.

Will a secret baby and a grumpy daddy spoil this Blushing Bride's Christmas wedding? Not if her growly man has anything to say about it! A Blushing Bride for Christmas is a second-generation His Blushing Bride romance. It is part of the Holiday Belles series.


Naughty Little Elf

Did someone say Father Christmas? This naughty little elf prefers to call him daddy...


Blaze Parrish
Georgia Dillard must be exhausted.
She's been running through my mind for months.
Her bright personality and killer curves make me crazy.
Which is exactly how I got roped into playing Santa this year.
There's no way I'm telling this little brat no.
My caveat? She has to play my elf.
Getting her into costume is suspiciously easy.
But what I really want is to get her out of it...
And into my bed where she belongs.

Georgia Dillard
Some girls want diamonds.
Others want pearls.
All I want is Blaze Parrish to be my daddy.
Ever since I met him two months ago, I've been obsessed.
He's wickedly handsome…and just plain wicked.
He drafted me to play an elf to his Santa.
But I'd rather be his little princess.
I hope he's prepared for me.
Because I plan to be the naughtiest elf this billionaire has ever met.

If you enjoy OTT possessive daddies, naughty heroines, and enough heat to melt the North Pole, Georgia and Blaze have a present for you.


Devil's Deceit

The devil might be a liar, but this undercover cop won't allow the truth to stand between him and his curvy soulmate.

Creed "Devil" Thomas
Six months ago, I traded my badge for a cut.
My assignment is simple.
Embed myself with the Diamond Kings and find a way to take down their rival, the Savages.
And then Jessie Long waltzes in.
Everything about her makes my blood boil.
She's too young, too innocent…too mine.
When she finds out who I really am, she'll hate me.
Unless I find a way to permanently tie this rebellious little spitfire to me.

Jessie Long
I used to think my brother, Risk, was the grumpiest biker I knew.
That was before Devil joined the Diamond Kings.
Every time I turn around, he's there. Watching me. Ordering me around.
Something about him makes me want to misbehave just to drive him wild.
But Devil isn't who he says he is. I'd stake my life on it.
This gorgeous man is up to something, and I intend to find out what.
The only problem?
The closer I get to the truth, the more I realize finding it might just destroy us both.

This OTT possessive older man will break all the rules to claim his feisty soulmate in this sweet and steamy age-gap romance from Nichole Rose. If you enjoy growly men on a mission, curvy heroines, and gritty MC romance, you'll love Creed and Jessie's story!

Everything is bigger in Texas. The men, their bikes, their guns, and even their hearts. On the biggest ranch in West Texas, you’ll find the Diamond Kings MC. A group of tough, growly bikers happy with their solitary existence. Until love walks in and challenges them to the ultimate test. It’s time for them to man up and accept their fate or they’ll lose their soulmates forever.

Eight of your favorite authors are bringing you stories from The Diamond Kings' Ranch. Come along with us as we take these MC brothers on the ride of their lives.


A Bride for the Beast

International award-winning author Nichole Rose and USA Today Bestselling author Fern Fraser have teamed up to take you on a steamy-sweet adventure to a town where nothing is what it seems.

I've spent my life in darkness, hidden away from the world.
It's where monsters belong after all, isn't it?
But my curvy maid, Dahlia, brings more than just order to my world.
She brings me back to life and makes me want more.
My beastly appearance doesn't scare her. Nothing does.
Except, perhaps, the father she's running from.
But I won't give her up for any man. This beauty is all mine.

I spent my life fighting my strict father and his outdated opinions about right and wrong.
Accepting a housekeeping job in another state is a way of proving I can stand on my own two feet.
The moment we meet, Draven’s tail sweeps me off them and straight into his arms.
I've never met anyone with more heart and humanity than the sexy, blue-haired giant.
In my father's eyes, Draven is a monster, not a man, but I'm determined to prove him wrong.
This Bride is claiming her Beast.

If you enjoy sassy women, over-the-top men (with a little something extra to offer), and steamy-sweet romance, you'll love this short monster romance!


Tempted by December

Her Christmas wish? Rosy-red cheeks and the man of her dreams.

Alaric Parrish
I've been tempted by December Rhett since the moment I set eyes on her.
I want her curves wrapped in a bow and nothing else for Christmas.
But the shy intern wants nothing to do with me.
Until she sees something she shouldn't have.
Now she's right where I want her… in my arms.
Loving every wicked thing I do to her.
If she thinks this is temporary, she's wrong.
I'm not ever letting her go again.

December Rhett
All I want for Christmas is Alaric Parrish.
He's been the man of my dreams since I was a teenager.
But taking a job at his company was a terrible idea.
I'm not who he thinks I am…but I land in his bed anyway.
Now he says I belong to him, and I think he's right.
When we're together, he sets my soul on fire.
But when the magic ends and he finds out the truth…will he still want me?

This holiday season, we're bringing you a steamy instalove collaboration hot enough to melt the North Pole. These hunky hotties are in for a great shock when each one finds Ms. Right in the most unexpected of places. Under His Tree.

Curl up in front of the fireplace as these Christmas beauties teach their men a few timely lessons in giving and receiving on their way to a steamy holiday-ever-after.


Pretty Little Mess

Falling for her grumpy mountain man boss was not part of this sunshiney hot mess's plans for Galentine's Day.

Welcome to Winthrop, WA. Population: Screwed.
When I answered Deacon Cromwell's ad for an assistant, roughing it with a mountain man was not what I had in mind.
But I'll give anything a shot. Just so long as it doesn't shoot back.
When my grumpy new boss finds out he hired...well, me...all bets are off.
He's way too hot to handle.
And I'm dying to be handled.
If we don't kill each other first.
I mean, accidents happen in the wild all the time, right?!

When I placed an ad for an assistant, I expected someone who knew about life in the mountains.
Instead, I got saddled with the prettiest little mess I've ever met.
Cordelia's mouth never stops moving, and the only thing hotter than that pink hair is her temper.
I have no business putting my filthy hands all over her, but she’s itching for someone to settle her down.
And it damn sure won't be anyone but me.
This hot mess is mine to tame.

Paul Bunyan, save me! This grumpy mountain man and his hot mess heroine are hot enough to start a forest fire. If you enjoy laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, hot mess heroines, and steamy romance, you'll love Cordy and Deacon!

Valentine's Day? This group of single besties hasn't celebrated since, well...they don't want to talk about that. But this year looks a whole lot different. Thanks to a bottle of wine and a ridiculous Galentine's Day pact, they're conquering their fears, one outlandish adventure at a time. Love wasn't supposed to be in the cards, but they'll tumble headlong into it anyway when they meet the men of their dreams in the last places they expected.

Seven of your favorite instalove authors are taking you on a rom-com adventure to remember this Galentine's Day. Buckle up. These feisty heroines are going down in infamy!


A Hero for Her

The curvy songbird brings him peace. The broken Army Ranger gives her hope. But can love heal his haunted mind and save her life?

Ronan Gallagher
When I left the Army, I left behind pieces of myself.
The things I did haunt me. So do the friends I lost.
I thought I'd always be broken until I took a job protecting Winter Pyke.
This curvy songbird touches parts of me that haven't seen the light in years.
But a crazy fan has made her life a living hell.
That's a feeling I'm all too familiar with.
And I won't allow her to live the way I have for so long.
I will save her...and then I'm making her mine.

Winter Pyke
All I've ever wanted to do is sing.
I never expected it to come at such a high price.
The world knows my name, but I've never felt more alone.
Especially with a madman threatening to kill me.
Enter Ronan Gallagher, the former Army Ranger my manager hires to protect me.
I feel safe in his arms, and I'm falling fast.
But Ronan is fighting a battle of his own.
I've never been much of a soldier, but I want to be for him.
If he can fight for me, I'll fight for him too.

Nine of your favorite authors are bringing you tales of courage, valor, and sacrifice. These warriors carry their scars with pride and have given their all in the Line of Duty.


Dear Mr. Dad Bod

Dear Mr. Dad Bod: Where do I apply to be your baby girl?

Madden Banks
Things I never thought I’d do:
Become social media's resident sexpert, Mr. Dad Bod.
Post thirst traps.
Fall head over heels for a girl half my age.
But here I am, anyway.
The whole world tunes in to ask me burning questions about their kinks and see my dad bod in all its glory.
So it shouldn't be any surprise when they're front and center the day the curvy dancer of my dreams appears.
Olive Crosby has my heart trying to beat out of my chest...and I've never even met her in person.
That's about to change.
This daddy is claiming his little princess, and I don't care who is watching.

Olive Crosby
Being social media's resident curvy dancer can be exhausting.
Everyone knows my name, but no one knows me.
Until the night I slip into Mr. Dad Bod's live to ask him the question I've been dying to ask.
Now, everyone knows my secret.
And they know just who I want to fulfill my naughty fantasy.
But I didn't anticipate the whole world tuning in to watch it unfold.
Nor did I expect to fall for the mysterious Madden Banks.
He's everything I expected and so much more.
Can we really make this work, or was asking for a daddy a little too much real for the world to handle?

Watch out! This silver fox and his younger curvy girl are taking your favorite social media app (and heart) by storm in this age-gap romance. If you enjoy OTT possessive older men, instalove goodness, and scorching hot romance, you'll love Madden and Olive's steamy story.

The Dad Bods are back, and they're Bigger, Bolder, and Burlier than ever! This April, join your favorite authors and the men packing a little somethin' extra for their women in Dad Bod 2.0: Large And In Charge.


Chasing Christmas

All this curvy girl wants for Christmas is the scarred, growly former stuntman who sets her world ablaze.

Call me a Scrooge, but I've never been big on holidays.
When you spend them alone, there isn't a whole lot to get excited about.
Until Laura Groves waltzes into my life and turns it upside down.
Hollywood's curvy It Girl is too young and beautiful for a scarred, used-up man like me.
But that doesn't stop me from claiming her anyway.
Except now the world thinks she's hiding a big secret, and it's up to me to put the rumors to rest.
I'll protect her, even if it means taking a job on her new Christmas movie, The Naughty List.

I have one Christmas wish this year: Kaiden Huxley.
He's the sexiest man I've ever met.
When he kisses me, the whole world falls out of focus.
There's only one problem.
A horrible accident left him scarred, and he doesn't think he's good enough.
But when my life spins out of control, he doesn't hesitate to face his past for me.
Now, it's up to me to teach this incredible man just how perfect he really is.
Before this movie wraps on Christmas, this grumpy former stuntman will be all tied up in a bow.
If the world stops throwing us curveballs, that is.


Dear Santa

Dear Santa, this curvy girl wants a daddy for Christmas...preferably her older brother's best friend.

All I want for Christmas is my older brother's best friend, Sinclair Evans.
But when I asked Santa to help me seduce him, I didn't plan on him finding my letter.
Now he knows the forbidden name I whisper in the dark.
I did not expect him to love it...or to have a few dirty wishes of his own.
Now, he can't keep his hands off me, and my dreams are coming true.
But when we tell my brother, our happily-ever-after may go up in flames.

I've been obsessed with Lyric since the day I met her.
She doesn't know how far I'd go to make her mine.
Every move I make brings me one step closer to tying her to me permanently.
But her letter to Santa sends my timeline up in smoke.
My girl is hurting for me now, and it's up to me to fix it.
I don't care what her brother has to say.
This little princess is mine.
It's time to make her Christmas wishes come true.

The holidays are heating up for this curvy girl and her older brother's best friend in this short romance! If you enjoy obsessed alphas, a little Christmas magic, and steamy age-gap romance, you'll love Lyric and Sinclair!


Hitched to the Heartthrob

Tequila, one wild night, and two rings will send this former boy band heartthrob and the curvy girl of his dreams up in smoke.

Ten years ago, everyone knew my name.
They screamed it everywhere I went.
Now, I'm back on tour, and it's like nothing has changed.
Except for me and my band. We're older, wiser, and far more prepared for life in the spotlight.
Or so we thought. We didn't count on the sassy group of women following us.
I certainly didn't count on falling for Ireland.
I know I should shut it down when she drunkenly suggests a late-night wedding.
Instead, I do everything in my power to make it happen.
I want her tied to me in every way possible.
But now I have to convince my feisty wife that she wants to keep that ring on her finger.
Because I can handle a lot, but living without this curvy little goddess?
That's the one thing I'm not willing to do.

I woke up married to a rockstar, and it's all my fault.
Thanks, tequila.
I've been crushing on Crue since I was a little girl.
But I didn't mean to freaking marry him, though!
I just wanted an interview for my music blog.
Now, the possessive man refuses to let me take off my ring.
And he's growling anytime his bandmates even look at me.
I shouldn't encourage this because I know it won't last.
But he has my heart in his hands, and I'm not sure I want him to give it back.
Maybe I should just keep him and pretend there's a no-return policy.
Who knew scoring an interview with a heartthrob would be this complicated?

This will be one boy band reunion to remember...

When former boy band heartthrobs, Soul Obsession, announce their long-awaited reunion tour, a group of friends seize the chance for an epic girls' getaway following the tour from city to city.

Backstage passes help them rediscover their sisterhood...until sparks fly between the gal pals and the guys in the band. Suddenly, this reunion tour becomes a harmony of the heart, where new romance blossoms. Soul Obsession's farewell tour is about to become the love note of the year.

Eight of your favorite instalove authors are taking you on a rom-com adventure to remember this Galentine's Day. Grab your girlfriends, get your tickets, and prepare to swoon!


Piped Down

This grumpy mountain man is good at laying pipe. But can he convince his mystery woman to give him a chance?

Caleb Maverick
Taking a last-minute plumbing project wasn't on my agenda.
Neither was the curvy little ball of sunshine who answered the door.
Or her devilish little dog.
Now I'm waist-deep in water with hearts in my eyes.
The dog likes me. The woman? Not so much.
Sutton is hiding from something, and I think I might be in the way.
Too bad for her. I'm not going anywhere.
One way or another, she's going to spill her secrets.
When she does, I'll protect her from whatever sent her to Clearwater.
And then, I'm laying claim to every inch of her heart.

Sutton Reynolds
Hiding out in Clearwater was supposed to be relaxing.
I could put my guard down and breathe for a little while.
So tell me, why am I more stressed out than ever?
Oh, right. Because there's a grumpy mountain man in my kitchen.
And he keeps saying filthy things to me.
Part of me wants to flee into the night.
The biggest part wants to see if Caleb can actually do that thing with his tongue.
There's just one problem with that. He has no idea who I am…or who my parents are.
Once he finds out, he might change his mind about me.
I'm pretty sure that's going to break my heart into pieces because I think I'm already falling for the filthy man.

If you enjoy light romance with a touch of drama and plenty of steam, you'll love this gruff mountain man, his songbird, and her crazy puppy!

Get ready to fall in love with the mountain men of Clearwater Construction! These blue-collar men are about to meet the women of their dreams!


Romancing the Cowboy

Spying on a bossy cowboy lands this hot mess romance author in hot water.

Cassia Murphy
I'm used to getting fan mail from readers.
I am not used to being told off by bossy cowboys.
But that's exactly what Cord Decker does when he emails me.
According to him, I know nothing about the cowboys I write.
I'll never admit it to him, but he's right.
Which is exactly why I suggest his hometown for the annual Galentine's retreat.
I can't strangle him in real life.
But no one ever said I can't make him sweat in my next book.
I just have to keep him from figuring out who I really am…
And keep from falling for him and his gruff ways.
Easy peasy, right?
Ha. I'm in way over my head.

Cord Decker
I don't know what prompted me to email Cassia Murphy.
But I can't keep the curvy blonde author out of my head.
I never expected to find her running for her life from one of my bulls.
Didn't expect to fall hard for her smart mouth either.
She thinks I don't know who she is.
She's wrong.
This sassy little romance author is mine.
I plan to teach her everything she needs to know about cowboys…
In bed and out of it.

When this older cowboy rescues a hot mess author from a crazy bull, she learns a whole lot more than she anticipated. If growly cowboys, sassy heroines, and laugh-out-loud comedy make your heart pitter-patter, you'll love Cord and Cassia's steamy-sweet story!

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