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Illicit Love

Before they fell head-over-heels, the Valentino brothers ruled Chicago with iron wills and closed fists. Now, the men in their inner circle are taking the reins and taking the plunge into their own deliciously wicked happily-ever-afters. The streets of Chicago will run red as these bad boys set out to tame the curvy women fate has in store for them. And they'll take no prisoners along the way.


When love is on the line, right and wrong no longer matter for this forbidden couple.

Diego Butera
Lawyer by day, criminal by night. A life constantly in conflict.
That’s the life I chose when I took competing oaths.
One to uphold the law. One to put La Cosa Nostra above all else.
All in a quest for revenge that I walked away from in the end.
Now, I’m tangled more tightly than ever, and it’s about to blow up in my face.
Because Special Agent Athena White knows far too much about the kind of man I am.
And the closer she gets to unraveling the web I wove, the more irresistible I find her.
I’ll do whatever I have to do to possess her.
Even if it means destroying her world.
Run, rabbit, run.

Athena White
Being assigned Diego Butera’s case should have been a crowning moment.
Instead, it’s turned into my own personal nightmare.
The only reason I’m in Chicago is because my boss wants me to fail.
Every other agent has for the last year. Why should I be any different?
Diego thinks he can outmaneuver me. My boss thinks he can get rid of me.
They’ve both underestimated me.
I’m not so easily fooled. I know precisely who Diego is and what’s at stake.
The only problem? Every time Diego touches me, the less his crimes seem to matter.
He’s a monster. But I’ve always liked the dark.
Perhaps a little too much.
Because right now, the fact that I might not survive it isn’t even enough to stop what’s happening between us.

If you enjoy steamy age-gap romance, obsessed antiheroes with heart, and sassy, curvy heroines, you’ll love Diego and Athena’s scorching-hot romance.



He took what didn't belong to him. Now, he'll burn it all to the ground to keep her.

Domani Brambilla
I've spent my entire life with a gun in my hand and my back against the wall.
I learned exactly two things: Kill or be killed.
That's the fate awaiting me. That's my destiny.
Right up until I find a pretty little Irish goddess asleep in a bed and take what doesn't belong to me.
Now, I'm forging my own fate and writing my own destiny.
And I intend to do it with Finley at my side.
Even if I have to wipe out every member of her family and mine to do it.
She belongs to me. Not even hell itself will take her from me now.

Finley Brennan
I've spent my entire life with a smile on my face and a cage of glass surrounding me.
I know exactly two things: My family is dangerous, and I want out.
But I never expected to be plucked from my bed by a member of the mob.
Nor did I think I'd be so ungodly attracted to him.
Domani is like no one I've ever met.
His hands are stained in blood, but when they're on my body, I don't care what kind of monster he is.
I know he's even more dangerous than my family, but I don't care about that, either.
I want him. Even if it means risking everything.
But I never expected the cost to be this high.
If love is pain, what's the price of a soul?



Love isn't supposed to taste like betrayal. And they aren't supposed to like the way it hurts. But they'll risk everything for an obsession that might destroy them both.

I was innocent once.
Until I watched my parents die by the hands of a man they trusted.
The streets swallowed me, and no one noticed.
I swore then that he'd paid.
I've spent the last twenty-five years covered in blood, biding my time.
I'm the thing monsters fear. I'm the last thing they see.
Until now. Until her.
I came for her father. I left with her.
I wasn't supposed to feel. I wasn't supposed to fall.
But now, I'll claim. And I'll kill.
She's mine. No one is taking her from me.

I was drowning once.
Until he held out his hand and pulled me into the dark.
I swore then that I'd follow him anywhere.
But I didn't know I was following him to hell.
He has secrets. And sins.
And somehow, I'm caught in the middle, a pawn in a game I don't understand.
But still, I feel. Still, I fall.
And when the truth comes out, I break.
Love isn't supposed to taste like betrayal.
And I'm not supposed to miss the way it hurts.
And yet…I want it back. Even if it destroys everything.

Warning: Irredeemable is a dark mafia romance featuring an antihero who will burn the world for his curvy queen. If large age gaps, dark themes, obsessed antiheroes, and power imbalances aren't your jam, this book isn't for you.

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